Field Composite Meth Test (NO SUSPICION OF DRUG USE)

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Recommended where there is NO SUSPICION of drug use or manufacture. Recommended minimum of 1 sample for each room in the dwelling.


In a Field Composite Screen, the field sampling technician takes multiple samples from throughout the property he inserts the swabs samples into a single test tube. The purpose of this screen is to ascertain and validate for the client whether there are any traces of methamphetamine present.

If the accumulative result of the samples indicates the presence of potential meth contamination above 0.5μ g/100cm², we would need to complete a detailed forensic assessment to establish & isolate which rooms require decontamination.


As the screening company is only being charged for sending minimal test tubes to the laboratory the cost to the client is lower


Because all swab samples are inserted into the same sample test tube there is no way of knowing which area holds contamination so there is a need to revisit the property to gather individual samples if the original screen shows contamination.


All sampling is conducted by a trained sampling technician, using NIOSH Method 9111. Samples are sent under a chain of custody (COC) to a NATA accredited laboratory.