Our Clients

  • Property Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Property Presenters
  • Property Developers
  • Insurers & Brokers
  • Insurance Assessors & Loss Adjusters
  • Banks & financial institutions
  • Strata Managers
  • Defense Housing
  • Public Housing

Onsite Reporting System

We have developed standardised onsite reporting capabilities to ensure consistent and timely information gathering and reporting from our approved contractors.

Using a tablet or smartphone health and safety compliance reports are completed onsite and signed off for each contractor and any other personnel entering the site prior to any work being undertaken. Job site analysis (JSA), Safe work method statements (SWMS), Site safety inductions, Personal protective equipment checks and Equipment safety reports are transferred directly from iAuditor and attached to the project in our Project Management Platform.

We have developed standardised onsite inspection report forms specifically for Methamphetamine decontamination that gather the information we need to ensure a consistent and standardised response from our contractors. Our easy-to-use reporting function; uses prepopulated fields, drop down options and check boxes to gather detailed information about the site and the decontamination processes that are required. Site inspection and scoping reports are transferred directly to our project management platform.

DeconASSIST Project Management Platform

Our project management platform offers an end to end fully integrated customer resource management system that runs our projects in the cloud. Our system uses the information from testing reports, and our onsite inspection reporting to populate standardised templates. From these templates, we develop detailed remediation action plans, work schedules and estimates for our clients.

With powerful reporting capabilities, we are able to monitor our contractors against key performance indicators on a job by job basis, ensuring efficiency across the system and ensuring continual improvement in service and efficiency outcomes for our clients.

Each remediation action plan and estimate can be benchmarked against predefined key performance indicators prior to DeconASSIST approving the scope of works submitted by our contractors. Any KPIs significantly outside of overall projected averages such as labour per square meter, materials and equipment costs per square meter, disposal costs per square meter and time for completion can be flagged for review and amended prior to submitting the remediation action plan and estimate for approval by the property owner or insurer.

Contractors are required to submit safety and job progress reports via our client portal each time that they attend the site. All reports and all other information in relation to each project is free to access by property owners, property managers, insurers or other stakeholders to via our online client portal. Permissions for access can be set for each project or document.

Detailed analysis reports, work in progress reports and the like are available for property management franchise support and insurance company resources and policy development and planning.

Contractor Network

Building competition within our system and our powerful reporting ability to benchmark KPIs that are significantly outside of national project averages ensure we are continually delivering the best value for service. Not charging our clients for failed clearance testing offers another control for contractors to deliver quality cost-effective outcomes or our clients.

We do not ensure exclusively of a service area for any of our contractors. If more than one contractor is available to attend a site inspection and provide an onsite scope for a project we will require more than one to bid on the project.

DeconASSIST training partner DeconSystems has been engaged to deliver ongoing professional training to our approved network of contractors. DeconSystems training package has been developed to comply with international and Australian standards and guidelines and is aimed at providing a “best practice” guideline for decontamination contractors based in Australia and New Zealand. Day one of the training focuses on awareness, testing, safety and decontamination methods. The second day of the training focuses on documenting, compliance and communication systems that are used by DeconASSIST to ensure a standardised approach is delivered by our approved contractors. 

Building Reinstatement

We offer an end to end solution by working closely with insurance builders. We bring the owners preferred builder or the insurers preferred builder onto site early in the decontamination process to ensure that they can be adequately prepared to begin reinstatement works as soon as our clearance certificate is issued.