Assessment and Scope of Works for Occupational Hygienists

DeconASSIST provides assessments and detailed scope of works FREE of charge to occupational hygienists. Our advice can be used as part of or incorporated into remediation action plans provided to your clients.

Our assessments and scope of works incorporate our onsite practical decontamination experience, are commercially-focussed and are founded on a risk-based approach to meth contamination and remediation. We assist in navigating the trade-offs between cost imperatives, project timeframes, regulatory requirements, insurance requirements, and community expectations.

We have provided assessment and scope works for the clean-up of contamination of methamphetamine and other illicit drugs for 100s of projects, ranging from low-level user site (smokehouses) to full-blown methamphetamine clandestine drug laboratories (meth labs).

Our assessment and scope works provide a practical hands-on approach to the methamphetamine or other illicit drug residue cleanup and are based on current best practice methods and years of decontamination experience. Our decontamination projects are completed using a combination of methods depending on the level of contamination and the level of risks to human health or the environment. We use a consistent approach to facilitate the most cost-effective balance between hazardous waste removal and decontamination cleaning. 

    The purpose of providing FREE assessments and scope of works is to provide occupational hygienists with a practical on-the-job view of the project and for an opportunity to be referred to your clients for decontamination services. We do not offer any inducement or payment of sales commissions that may affect the impartiality of the relationship between DeconASSIST and those that refer us.