Meth Lab Decontamination in Melbourne and Victoria

We off FREE Meth Lab Cleanup Assessment and Meth Contamination Remediation Action Plans in Melbourne and Victoria.

Professional meth lab clean up or meth decontamination is essential for dwellings contaminated by the chemical processes involved in illegal Methamphetamine production. If left un-remediated, properties that have been used as clandestine drug labs or inhabited by heavy ice drug users can pose health problems to future occupants.

Our meth lab remediation action plans incorporate our onsite practical decontamination experience, are commercially-focused and are founded on a risk-based approach to meth contamination and remediation. We assist our clients in navigating the trade-offs between cost imperatives, project time-frames, regulatory requirements, insurance requirements, and community expectations.CLICK HERE

DeconASSIST and the contractors we engage have taken extensive training courses and are fully qualified to remediate properties in Melbourne and Victoria contaminated from methamphetamine labs or meth use.

Why use DeconASSIST to manage your Melbourne and Victoria meth decontamination project?

  • DeconASSIST understands the stress that having a property contaminated with methamphetamine can cause property owners and their families. Our knowledge of the process and our empathetic approach is aimed to ensure that your property is returned free of methamphetamine residue and associated contaminants, as cost effectively and as stress-free as possible. Your well-being is important to us. We are available to guide you through the process 24/7.
  • We off a free initial consultation and interpretation of your initial methamphetamine screen test. 
  • We respond fast. Initial consultation within 24 hours, Remediation Action Plan within 48 hours of our first site inspection. 
  • As with any complex process, communication is important. We have built our project management system around ensuring timely and effective communication between all stakeholders including:
    • property owners
    • property managers
    • insurers
    • insurance assessors
    • local council and law enforcement (where necessary)
    • decontamination contractors
    • sampling & testers
    • environmental hygienists
    • hazardous waste disposal companies
    • builders and other trades
  • Our project management system documents all processes and procedures. All records, project updates, and reports are available through our online client portal. You can access and review the progress of your Decontamination project and all of the information and documentation that you, your insurer or other parties may require at any time.
  • Decontamination is guaranteed. Our Guaranteed Remediation Action Plan and estimate includes everything from initial testing to clearance certificate and everything else between. One contact, one quote, one invoice. Our estimate is our price*.
  • All sampling and testing is carried out by independent third-party testing contractors. We do not test our own decontamination project.  We have negotiated preferred rates for testing services, significantly lowering the cost of our decontamination projects. We do not charge for failed clearance testing.*
  • We can work with your insurer directly and can manage the claim process for you.
  • We can work with you and your insurer to perform remediation in conjunction with any improvements that you want to make to the property as part of the remediation process, adding value to the property for little extra cost.
  • Our process ensures your property can be decontaminated faster and more cost-effectively than other methods. Our process ensures the most cost-effective balance between removal and decontamination cleaning. Our processes limit the requirement to remove structure including gyprock and other nonporous surfaces, dramatically reducing the time required and the cost of reinstatement.
  • Waste disposal is carried out in accordance with EPA guidelines. All contaminated material removed will be disposed of as contaminated waste at an approved facility with certification supplied.
  • Our approved contractors complete ongoing professional training in the latest and most advanced techniques in methamphetamine decontamination to ensure our systems are up to date and in line with international and Australian standards and guidelines.
  • Our approved contractors completed ongoing professional safety training. Safety documentation that is compliant with national and state health and safety regulations is completed for every decontamination project.
  • DeconASSIST and our contractors are fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity.
  • Our decontamination cleaning products exceed the requirements of international and Australian standards and guidelines. Our decontamination products do not use high levels of peroxide, are non-toxic, non-corrosive, bleach-free, phenol-free, environmentally friendly and do not leave a filmy residue or alcohol after smell.
  • We will leave your property clean, dry and ready for reinstatement.
  • We work with Australia’s largest insurance builders. We bring your builder or your insurers preferred builder into the process at the initial inspection so that they can be ready to begin reinstatement works as soon as our clearance certificate is issued.
  • We will always work to ensure you methamphetamine decontamination project is carried out discreetly. Your privacy is important to us.

*If our work is performed as per our Guaranteed Remediation Action Plan you do not pay for failed clearance tests. If we can not pass the clearance test there will be no charge for our services. If the Remediation Action Plan or Environmental Management Plan is provided by or is altered by a third party, we can not be held responsible for the plan or alteration. We work closely with third parties including your insurer and or environmental hygienists and will always seek agreement with all parties and amend our Remediation Action Plan and estimate accordingly.