Latest Research... Identified health effects that occur while residing in contaminated properties

The latest research was published on the 20th August 2020 in the Journal of Toxics, by Dr Jackie Wright, Michaela Kenneally, Kirstin Ross, & Stewart Walker, concluded in stating:

“This study has identified a range of health effects that occur while residing in contaminated properties, which include behavioral effects or issues, sleep issues, respiratory effects, skin and eye effects, and headaches. In addition, methamphetamine was also detected in the analysis of hair samples collected from a number of individuals, including children exposed at these properties. In general, higher levels of methamphetamine were reported in hair samples from individuals exposed in properties with higher levels of environmental methamphetamine contamination.” (Environmental Methamphetamine Exposures and Health Effects in 25 Case Studies. Page 28)

This paper is very insightful and worth reading. It can be sourced online at here
It shows how important it is to the health of Australian citizens that we as a community come together to ensure that occupants of these properties can live is safety.